why tampons are not used in india today

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Here’s why Indian women still resist tampons and menstrual ...- why tampons are not used in india today ,Jun 02, 2020·Women who have grown up in India will attest to this fact. We were never completely told about menstruation, menstrual hygiene, and ways of managing the blood flow.Hence, it isn’t surprising that even when we are made aware of tampons or menstrual cups, we still don’t know how to use them or the benefits they have to offer.Why Are Tampons Still A Taboo In India? | Youth Ki AwaazJan 04, 2018·Tampons have been proven to cause the least amount of leakage and thus, ensure comfort to the users. Tampons are commonly utilized by women in western countries; where it’s quite normal to talk about such issues like the menstruation cycle. But as we move towards India, a lot about this alternative is yet to be discovered.

9 Taboos About Tampons In India That Need To Be Broken

Mar 07, 2016·Tampons are considered one of the most easy-to-use period protection tools ever, clearly an alternative to those bulky pads. Because, wearing a ballet leotard, swimsuit, or even a pair of tight-fitted leggings during those days with a bulky pad, is just so uncomfortable.

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Why are tampons not used by Indian women? - Quora

Answer (1 of 26): We were having fun on our shopping date, trying out new clothes and sneaking into each other's fitting rooms, when I realized I'd gotten my period. Worried that I'd leave a pool of blood wherever I sat down, I immediately dragged my boyfriend out to the nearest chemist's and ask...

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