why do super tampons hurt your stomach after eating raw eggs good or bad

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How to Use Tampons Without Pain, What to Do If It Hurts ...- why do super tampons hurt your stomach after eating raw eggs good or bad ,May 27, 2020·Typically, the first few days of your period are heavier, and you might find that you soak through a tampon faster. You might consider using super, super plus, …Doctors Explain Why Tampons May Be Painful For You ...Sep 10, 2021·The tampon itself is the problem. There are a few reasons this might be the case, the most common being that the tampon is simply too absorbent …

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Feb 09, 2016·Organic or not, wearing a super-absorbent tampon, and wearing it for too long, increases your risk. 8. You should never wear a tampon longer than the box tells you.

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stomach pains from tampons - MedHelp

But at around 8 o clock, 2 hours after that tampon came out, I started get pains in my whole upper body. From the beggining of my leg, to the side of my leg. It hurt really really really bad. It went away after around and hour or two. I was afraid to tell my parents, but I got over it. So this morning, I decided I'd try a tampon again after my ...

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Pain in the lower stomach after the use of tampons. Reason?

Apr 29, 2013·First of all, wearing a tampon will not cause pain in the stomach, so the fact that you are having trouble suggests that it's not sitting in the right place. A tampon should always be inserted up, and back towards your spine, as far as possible. You should …

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