where can i donate unused pads and tampons without

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Where can I donate unused tampons and pads ...- where can i donate unused pads and tampons without ,All of my girlfriends use the cup or don’t need them, and the shelters and charities around me only accept products that are in sealed boxes (the original package from the store). All of these pads and …10 Organizations That Provide Menstrual Products For ...Aid agencies are already providing menstrual products to women in need, usually disposable ones, but you can help too. Whether that be to donate unused disposable products, make and donate cloth …

3 Places to Donate Tampons to Those in Need — Femestella

Sep 16, 2018·Go here to learn more/donate. Mail Donations to #HappyPeriod. One of our fave organizations #HappyPeriod is currently collecting pads, tampons, soap, wipes, and unused …

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Where can I donate pads/tampons? : TheGirlSurvivalGuide

I bought a giant box of Kotex tampons, used 3 for a period, then swapped to organic tampons on the next period. Of course, I pulled all the Kotex ones out of the box and put them in my little gift bag that I …

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