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Tampon Taxes: Do Feminine Hygiene ... - Tax Foundation- taxation tampons uk 2017 youtube free ,By James Hitchings-Hales. April 3, 2017. In the UK, there is a 5% tax on tampons and sanitary towels, defined under law as “luxury items”. The government has stalled its plans to abolish the so called “tampon tax,” and instead all money raised - approximately £15 million - is intended to support organisations that support women.'Tampon tax': How much do women pay for periods? - …Mar 25, 2016·The UK government says it has reached a deal to scrap the so-called "tampon tax" on sanitary products. How much money will this save British women - and how...

Why It's Time To Call For An End To The Tampon Tax ...

May 28, 2019·In 2016, the “Stop Taxing Periods” campaign went global and the UK #EndTamponTax protest won, garnering 320,000 signatures. We did it. We got The Treasury to promise they’d axe the sexist tax on tampons, sanitary pads, and mooncups.But, sadly, 3 years on, nothing has happened.

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Tesco Tampon Tax off | We’re paying it for you - YouTube

Jul 28, 2017·Women have to buy sanitary products, but they shouldn’t have to pay the 5% Tampon Tax. That's why we're reducing the price of all tampons, pads and panty lin...

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