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We have our own factory in Nanjing, China. Among various trading companies, we are your best choice and the absolutely trustworthy business partner.

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SOFY's History-Sofy Sanitary Pads Napkins- sofy tampon company phone number lookup ,A slim napkin made from customer's voice that “pads are too thick and hard to use”. 1980. Launched “Charm Soft Tampon”. Absorbs menstrual blood directly. 1982. Launched “SOFY”. The brand “SOFY” exists for quite a long time. 1988. Launched “SOFY Sara”, a …HOME-Sofy Sanitary Pads NapkinsSofy, women's best brand for Sanitary Napkins, Tampons. Learn more about menstruation, periods and issues related with it, to make you feel comfortable.

Sofy - Women’s Best Brand For Pads, Sanitary Napkins ...

SOFY is one of the leading brands manufacturing Sanitary Napkins, Pads, Tampons and Pantyliners. Our products make women feel comfortable during menstruation and ensure hygiene. SOFY uses advanced Japanese technology to manufacture period and non …

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SOFY Soft Tampon | Feminine Care | Product Information ...

Tampons allow you to enjoy yourself and forget about your periods! SOFY Soft T ampons . 1. Superior Absorbency : This finger-size tampon has the capacity to soak up to eight hours * of leakage. * Do not use the same tampon for over eight hours * This is an indicative figure only, and may vary according to individual needs.

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The History of Tampax - Tampax Tampons & Feminine …

While tampons as we know them today were invented in 1929, it wasn’t until 1934 when our fearless female founder bought the patent and started a female-led and female focused company. Tampax has been educating and empowering women and those who bleed to live life without limits since then.

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SOFY Soft Tampons Sanitary Product-Sofy Sanitary Pads Napkins

Tampons provide 8 hours of absorption! No worries over leaks ♪. I work in an office, so I often sit down and stand up. Each time I would feel a sudden menstrual outflow and often went to the bathroom because I was worried about leaks. I found tampons at a drugstore. At first, I thought they would be painful, but when I used them I found them ...

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HOME-Sofy Sanitary Pads Napkins

SOFY Comfort Nite. Japan technology Motion-Fit. Anti Back Leakage. SOFY Extra Dry. Skin Comfort. Gentle to skin. SOFY Body Fit Day. Longest Day Pad with Quick Absorb Pores for …

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Stayfree® India Contact Details

In case of any concerns, questions, suggestions & feedback about our products, please contact our Consumer Care on toll free or write to the following address: 1800 228 111 (Toll-free) Johnson & Johnson Private Limited Arena Space Behind Majas Bus Depot Off …

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About Sofy | Sofy -Sofy

Sofy History. Unicharm’s feminine hygiene brand Sofy has been active in the industry since early 60s and has spread across a lot of countries. From manufacturing products for period days to advanced technology products for non-period days, Sofy sells top-quality sanitary napkins, tampons and pantyliners for women all around the world.

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