sanitary napkins not sticking to panties in public room in car

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Sanitary Pad, Napkin Replacement | PantiePads- sanitary napkins not sticking to panties in public room in car ,Each disposable panty comes with a built-in menstrual pad that is super-absorbent and extra-long to prevent leakage. No matter how you move during the day or night, the pad will not bunch, slip or slide, unlike traditional sanitary napkins and tampons. PantiPads are made from a high-tech fiber that retains fluids and keeps them away from your body.Sanitary Napkins and panties problem..Oct 12, 2013·some sanitary pads/napkins (ie: Kotex) when removed will leave a glue-stain on my panties...and they are very hard to remove. ... hmm is more like silk and lace type..i wonder is it will stick on cheap panties..... Yea most likely. Maybe you could buy another same material type of panties from that particular Taiwan brand and try. If the same ...

How to Use a Sanitary Napkin/Pad | Clovia Blog

Apr 12, 2018·by Alison Green on April 12, 2018. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. 1. I got written up because my coworker saw maxi pads in my car. One of my coworkers complained because she saw a package of maxi pads in the backseat of my car when she parked near me in our parking lot. I had stopped at the store on the way into work, and ...

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How to Use a Sanitary Napkin (Pad): 14 Steps (with Pictures)

Sep 24, 2008·Don't use pads for no reason. Some people wear pads all the time because they think it keeps them "fresh." Nope. Don't do it. Your vagina needs to breathe! Shoving a wad of sticky cotton in between your legs allows bacteria to breed in the heat. So …

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EP0651630B1 - Absorbent articles having panty covering ...

The present invention relates to absorbent articles such as sanitary napkins, panty liners, and incontinence pads. More particularly, the present invention relates to absorbent articles, such as sanitary napkins, that have longitudinal side edge components (52) that naturally wrap the sides (22) of a wearer's panties which provide an alternative to conventional side flaps.

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