reusable crochet tampons instructions for beginners

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Crochet Tampon Review | Reusable Tampons | AMP It Up ...- reusable crochet tampons instructions for beginners ,Feb 01, 2016·I forgot to mention that you can also insert these into a disposable applicator to insert them if you like. Also they costed me about $1.50 for all three plu...How to crochet a reusable tampon w/ stich …May 18, 2014·Sorry about the lack of editing! My editing program is not working at the moment and I wanted to get this video up :)I can also do a knitting tutorial if any...

Crocheted Tampons- A Washable and Reusable Sanitary ...

Jan 24, 2017·If you’ve never heard of reusable tampons or are looking for the best option for washable tampons, then you might want to learn more about crochet tampons.

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7 Things You Need to Know about Handmade Reusable Tampons ...

Oct 01, 2017·Disposable tampons are made from cotton, so it only makes sense to use cotton yarn for reusable tampons. Additionally, cotton blended with bamboo or hemp makes for a more absorbent tampon. If you knit or crochet your own reusable tampons, make sure you use a 100% organic yarn to keep any harmful chemicals from getting into your hoo-ha. 2. Washing.

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Crochet Tampons…Really?! - Crochet Patterns, Tutorials ...

Jul 08, 2009·The original reusable tampon is a sea sponge! Reusable pads and tampons should not be bleached! Soak and wash. You don’t want bleach near your vagina, which is what most throw away pads and tampons are filled with. Bleach and the excess chemicals in/around our reproductive organs is causing so many problems for so many women!

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