reasons why tampons and pads should not be free pdf

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Should tampons and pads be free? - Quora- reasons why tampons and pads should not be free pdf ,Answer (1 of 10): No, I don’t think they should be. I understand the arguments for making them free, really I do. However, there are several reasons to keep them as they are. 1. The cost to the …Why Tampons and Pads Should Be Free | Her CampusNov 08, 2017·Not having pads and tampons free in schools shows girls that their needs don’t matter. You might be thinking to yourself: “Well, pads can’t be that expensive. Surely the parents of these …

Why aren't tampons/pads free? - Quora

Answer (1 of 5): For a long time tampons and pads were viewed as luxury items and taxed in the higher VAT bracket rather than the 0% VAT paid on essentials like crocodile meat. Many people do not see …

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No, Our Tampons And Birth Control Shouldn't Be Free

Jan 25, 2017·Tampons: many women feel that something so imperative, due to the menstrual cycle, should be free. The argument: if men don’t have to pay for condoms, why should women have to …

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