pads with wings vs no wings or feet will it stop

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What is the difference between winged pads and non-winged ...- pads with wings vs no wings or feet will it stop ,Jul 03, 2007·Wings are little flaps with adhesive on the two sides of the pad. You attach them to the other side of your underwear. Pads without wings are more likely to …Women who buy pads without wings: why, and how do you not ...My problem with pads is they fold over, but the edges go downward and the middle goes upward, like an upside down U shape. So whether it has wings or not makes no difference in how well it prevents leaks. Since it makes no difference, I preferred no wings because it was just extra bulk in my pants and extra plasticky friction against my thighs.

What do you prefer, pads with wings, or without? - Quora

Answer (1 of 3): When I first started wearing pads I alway wore no wings. But over the years wings have become better and easier to put on . So now I usually always wear wings

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Why do they still make pads without wings? : AskWomen

The wings also become unstuck and chafe my inner thighs. Pads without wings are the most comfortable and less likely to leak (for me at least). 9. level 1. thunderling. · 6y ♀. When I wore pads, I preferred the kind without wings. Wings did absolutely nothing to keep the damn thing in place or keep it …

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Women who wear pads with NO wings, get in here | Lipstick ...

Sep 24, 2020·With wings and without wings. Spoiler: Lil Graphic. I have a method to prevent leakage, and it’s to put the pad slightly above the pumpum area & near the top of the pantie. As a teen I would make the mistake of lining it wear the pumpum started and …

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