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Tampons - definition of tampons by The Free Dictionary- origin of the word tampons definition dictionary pdf free ,tam·pon (tăm′pŏn′) n. A plug of absorbent material inserted into a body cavity or wound to stop a flow of blood or to absorb secretions, especially one designed for insertion into the vagina during menstruation. tr.v. tam·poned, tam·pon·ing, tam·pons To plug or stop with a tampon. [French, from Old French; see tampion.] American Heritage ...Tampon Definition & Meaning | DictionaryTampon definition, a plug of cotton or the like for insertion into an orifice, wound, etc., chiefly for absorbing blood or stopping hemorrhages. See more.

Tampon | definition of tampon by Medical dictionary

tampon [tam´pon] a pack, pad, or plug made of cotton, sponge, or other material; different types are used to plug the nose, vagina, or other areas for the control of hemorrhage or the absorption of secretions. Superabsorbent tampons worn monthly and inserted roughly can cause ulceration of the vaginal mucosa. Both vaginal and nasal tampons have been ...

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Tampon Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

The meaning of tampon is a wad of absorbent material (as of cotton) introduced into a body cavity or canal usually to absorb secretions (as from menstruation) or to arrest hemorrhaging.

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tampon | Etymology, origin and meaning of tampon by …

TAMPON Meaning: "plug of cotton to stanch a flow of blood (especially from the vagina)," 1848, from French tampon,… See definitions of tampon.

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