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Tampons and IUD’s : WomensHealth - reddit- iud and tampons reddit photos of woman ,Tampons and IUD’s My Kyleena IUD came out about a month ago when I was taking out a tampon - I think what happened was that the strings of my IUD got caught in the top of the tampon and when I pulled out the tampon, the IUD came out with it (my gyno said this is rare but it can happen sometimes).Had anyone pulled out their IUD with a tampon? - redditYour IUD is inserted into the uterus, and the strings wrap around your cervix. Your tampon is inserted into the vagina, which is below the cervix. Unless you’re using like 7-9inch tampons, or a rocket launcher (oh please God, don’t) to insert your tampons, your tampons shouldn’t come …

Got an IUD today- worried I can feel the tip. - reddit

Search all of Reddit. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 2. Got an IUD today- worried I can feel the tip. ... For all the women that have ptsd from an iud's insertion, ... each lasting 1-2 weeks and being extremely light. I used a tampon maybe one day of each period, otherwise just a panty liner during the day and one at night. No pain/cramps.

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Tampons and the Pill? : birthcontrol - reddit

and i don't mean that in a bad way, don't get me wrong. i first found this place right after i had my kyleena inserted because i wanted to know more about other people's experiences with side effects, but i was surprised by the utter amount of posts made by people who use very effective methods of birth control (the pill, iuds, implants, you call it), have taken numerous pregnancy tests and ...

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Ladies who use an IUD, Tampons: yay or nay? - reddit

Tampons are fine. Most women once established on the merina iud have minimal to no period which is brilliant. 2. level 1. dracarys_2291. · 7y ♀. I've had the Mirena IUD for almost 2 years and I haven't had to use a tampon. I haven't had a period since, it's been amazing.

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Factory Environment. Cooperative Partner. Could I dislodge my IUD with tampons? : birthcontrol - reddit- iud and tampons reddit women over 30 ,level 1. furriosa. · 1y Mirena IUD.Tampons usually aren't enough to dislodge the IUD, unless you accidentally put on the IUD string instead of the tampon string, but that seems like a rare thing.

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