is it better to wear pads or tampons for sports for women

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Tampons vs. Pads: The Pros and Cons - Seventeen- is it better to wear pads or tampons for sports for women ,Apr 06, 2021·They're better for swimming and sports. Like I said before, you really can't go swimming when you're wearing a pad, but if you have a tampon in, there's nothing stopping you from taking a dip.Is It Better to Use Pads or Tampons - Know Which Is …Aug 06, 2021·Pads are bulky and can be a tad bit uncomfortable to wear for longer hours as a lot of women complain about the pad linings sneaking through their pants. Tampons are small, portable …

Female Runners: Pads or Tampons? — MyFitnessPal

Jan 30, 2013·That may be the problem, you have lost a good amount of weight! Great job! I would wear 2 pairs of underwear with your pads to make it super tight against you. I can only run with pads, …

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Are Pads Or Tampons Better For Sports? | U By Kotex®

It’s absolutely NOT bad to play sports while on your period. Sometimes physical activity can even make you feel better, especially if you’re feeling crampy or bloated. As for pad or tampon, that is …

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