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Can cups make your cramps worse? : menstrualcups - reddit- do tampons make cramps worse reddit video of the day ,Watched a video, read some stuff on how to do it and I did it.. first time in I folded it by pushing top to the bottom and slowly inserted it by pushing it a lil bit up and down. It was my first day of period so it was pretty heavy, after almost 10h it leaked because it was full but luckily i was just enetering the house..Do Tampons Make Period Cramps Worse? | Tampax and ...May 15, 2020·You may think that tampons can make period cramps worse, but think again - and watch to find out what really causes period cramps.++Subscribe to get notified...

Do tampons make your cramps worse? : AskWomen - reddit

I only use pads, because I get extremely nauseous on my period, and when I use tampons it gets even worse. I just want to make myself as comfortable as possible, and while tampons are more discrete, I can't usee them without feeling like crap. I don't know why this is, but I've learned to deal with it

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ELI5: Why do tampons make menstrual cramps worse ...

ELI5: Why do tampons make menstrual cramps worse? Generally because of internal pressure, and drying of the blood. Tampon devices soak up blood bit expand and put pressure on the ovarian walls as they expand, creating stronger cramps due to the increased pressure. Most women use topics as a first response, then switch to pads for normal day to ...

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