chemicals in sanitary pads and tampons

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CHEMICALS IN SANITARY PADS - Health Care and Wealth Care ...- chemicals in sanitary pads and tampons ,CHEMICALS IN SANITARY PADS The chemicals used in sanitary pads, tampons and diapers have raised concerns throughout the world. This is due to the questions about the safety of using many of the commercially available products that have been manufactured in a process that uses chemicals as well as the environmental issues of disposing of them.Diapers, Menstrual Pads and Tampons Are Full of Toxic ...Feb 13, 2019·The commercial tampon hit the shelves in 1930 and by 1970 manufacturers were in a race to give tampons an edge over sanitary pads. 9 Deodorant tampons, plastic domed applicators and ultra-absorbent products were manufactured and released. In 1978, Procter & Gamble began selling Rely, made of a fully synthetic, hyperabsorbent food-grade thickener.