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Organic Cotton Tampons with Comfort Applicator - Light- can you get tss from organic cotton tampons light ,Ingredients. You have the right to know what is your products. Seventh Generation voluntarily discloses tampon components. Tampon components: Certified organic cotton (absorbent material, cover, string sewing thread), synthetic water repellent wax (string). Tampons processed 100% totally chlorine free (hydrogen peroxide).LOLA Light Tampons, Organic Cotton, Compact Plastic ...高达7%返现·Available in Light, Regular, Super, and Super+ to fit your flow. And unlike other tampons with a 100% organic cotton core only, LOLA tampons are made with 100% organic cotton, down to the string, and in BPA-free plastic applicators. No toxins, dyes, or chlorine bleach. No mystery fibers, either. With LOLA, what you see is exactly what you get.

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Oct 03, 2017·Toxic shock syndrome can happen with organic tampons, too. Noci/Shutterstock If you're a tampon wearer, you've likely heard of toxic shock syndrome (TSS), the rare but life-threatening infection that's linked to tampons. But risk for TSS has nothing to do with whether your tampon is organic or not.

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10 light + 20 regular. Organic Certified by OTCO. No rayon, chlorine bleaching or synthetic pesticides. Everything you need nothing you don't. L. is for love. We believe access to period care is a fundamental right for every body. For every L. purchase, one period core item is made accessible to a person around the world who needs it.

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Are Organic Cotton Tampons Worth It? 6 Reasons We Say …

But with organic cotton tampons, you won’t find dioxin or any of the other harmful endocrine disruptors that you find in conventional cotton. Organic cotton tampons may lower the risk of TSS. Organic feminine products are free of synthetic elements and potentially-harmful ingredients, so they carry a much lower risk of toxic shock syndrome.

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Organic tampons have entered the market as the ‘all-natural’ cousins of conventional tampons. Here’s what you need to know before you make the switch. Next to the usual offerings of tampons, maxi pads, menstrual cups and other feminine health products on the shelves, you can now find organic and all-natural versions of tampons.

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Even Organic Cotton Tampons Can Cause Toxic Shock

Apr 20, 2018·Toxic shock syndrome is caused by an immune system reaction to bacterial toxins such as S. aureus or the streptococcus bacteria. Symptoms …

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Toxic Shock Syndrome | Tampons & Pads | just.

Toxic shock syndrome is a rare but serious systematic illness caused by a bacterial infection. It is caused when the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus gets into the bloodstream and produces toxins. Although toxic shock syndrome has been linked to superabsorbent tampon use, TSS can affect anyone - men, children, and people of all ages.

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L. is dedicated to the rebellious notion that women everywhere deserve better. L. Organic Cotton Tampons are made with GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, and are free of chlorine bleaching, pesticides, fragrances or dyes. No ingredients you can't pronounce. No exhausted clichés. Just the quality you expect and the authenticity you deserve.

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What Are Organic Tampons and Are They Actually Safer? …

Oct 21, 2021·Claim: Organic tampons prevent toxic shock syndrome (TSS) To understand why organic tampons don’t prevent TSS, let’s first jump into what TSS is and what causes it. TSS is a serious medical condition that can cause symptoms including fever, low blood pressure, rash, and difficulty breathing.

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