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What should I do if I think I have two tampons in? - Quora- can you feel if you have two tampons in ,Answer (1 of 2): 1. Get in the shower and take out the obvious tampon. 2. Squat down as low as you can comfortably be. 3. Use your fingers to feel around for a second tampon. Try bearing down. A tampon cannot go to any other organs, so you should be able to grasp the second one if it’s there. 4.Can you feel a tampon inside of you? - GirlsAskGuysApr 16, 2017·Xper 6. +1 y. Most of all it shouldn't be felt. This is way I don't understand the hordes of questions from guys preoccupied with penis length. If we can't feel a tampon we are not going to really feel the top portion of the vagina where the tampon sits. So there you go.

What If You Use Two Tampons By Mistake? | U By Kotex®

If you insert a tampon when you already have one in, just try to remove them one at a time. If, when inserting the second tampon, the string on the first got shoved inside your vagina, just wash your hands and feel inside for the string. The good news is your vagina is self-limiting, so it's not as if the tampon can get lost inside of you.

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What happens if you accidentally put two tampons in? - …

Answer (1 of 3): It can either ‘get lost’ if it’s crammed up by the first one, or nothing happens. I think more often nothing particular happen - I heard many people admitting that at least once in a lifetime they accidentally put two tampons. There is enough place inside the vagina for two tampo...

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Question: How long can tampons last? - Family law

Mar 15, 2021·Can you feel if you have 2 tampons in? If you ‘ve just realized that you might have two tampons inside you , take a deep breath — it’s going to be OK! While it’s totally normal to freak out about a stuck tampon and the possibility of getting an infection ~down there~, just know that you ‘ re going to be FINE.

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I Accidentally Had Two Tampons In. What Should I Do ...

Sep 29, 2016·Dr. Tyson thinks you're actually more likely to develop a vaginal infection (a.k.a. vaginitis) than TSS as a result of wearing a tampon too long. If you noticed the tampon and removed it, but you're having vaginitis symptoms like unusual discharge or itching or …

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What Happens If You Have 2 Tampons In At The Same …

Aug 14, 2019·If you've just realized that you might have two tampons inside you, take a deep breath — it's going to be OK! While it's totally normal to freak out about a stuck …

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Why Putting 2 Tampons In At Once Is Seriously ... - SELF

Oct 15, 2016·“If you feel your period is so heavy you need two tampons, then you should be evaluated by a gynecologist,” Chiang says. If you soak through one tampon or …

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