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Jeunesse Anion Napkin Health Benefits - The Practical ...- buy anion sanitary napkin benefits list of products list pdf ,Jan 23, 2020·The answer is the Jeunesse Anion Napkin which has an anion strip. Anions come from nature. When droplets break the surface of water, a layer of electricity is formed. In this process, an anion is generated giving the surrounding area a minimal negative charge. Anions are beneficial to …Health Benefits of Anion sanitary pads - ananda222Benefits of Negative Ions ('Anions') Anion Sanitary Napkins are designed to enhance physical health and mental well-being by emitting negative ions (anions) during use. The negative ion strip embedded in each sanitary pad and baby diaper (coming soon!) is activated by the friction of wearing the pads.

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Anion Sanitary Napkin Type: Ultra thin Surface: Perforated/Soft non woven Time Used: Day/Night/Liner

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The packaging of these anion sanitary napkin uses Aluminium foil. It meets the food hygiene standard. With the reusable, easy pull seal the product is damp-proof, mildew-proof and fungus-proof. Every piece of napkin is machine packed and sealed in the production line. This hands free process avoids the secondary contamination, which guarantees ...

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Dec 04, 2017·Negative ions, Anion, Napkins releases 20% of Oxygen and 6090 Anion/cm2 creating alkaline atmosphere, suppressing the multiplication of bacteria, virus, …

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