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4 Ways to Know when You're Ready to Start Using a …- average age to start using tampons every day in one ,Jun 07, 2006·Know you can use tampons as soon as you start menstruating. There is no age of girl that can't use tampons. As soon as you begin your period, you can start using tampons safely, if you are old enough to have your period, you are old enough to use tampons. There is no reason, physically, you need to wait to use a tampon.Am I too young to wear a tampon? - Planned ParenthoodJan 04, 2012·Use unscented tampons with soft, tube-shaped applicators when you first begin. You can also put a little bit of Vaseline on the applicator to help it slide in. Change your tampon or pad every three or four hours to prevent odor and stains on your clothes.

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On average, most girls get their period for the first time between the ages of twelve and thirteen. Your daughter may have been one of the first in her class to start her period, and she may need a little extra support and guidance from you as she adjusts. There aren’t any rules as to …

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Mar 20, 2019·Use unscented tampons: Opt for unscented tampons without harmful chemicals that can interfere with your vagina’s delicate pH balance. Deciding whether and when to start using tampons is a completely personal decision. There is no one right answer for how old you should be to use a tampon. They can be worn as soon as your periods start.

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