are scented tampons bad for you

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Are Scented Tampons and Pads Bad for You? – Cleveland …- are scented tampons bad for you ,Jan 13, 2021·An overgrowth of bad bacteria (usually brought on by a disruptive foreign source, like a scented tampon), could cause irritation, itching, infection or an allergic …Are Scented Pads and Tampons Bad for You? – RaelJun 30, 2021·Why Scented Pads and Tampons Are a Bad Idea. Unless you’ve got an imbalance, you won’t have an odor that needs masking or “correcting,” which is why scented pads and tampons are completely unnecessary. Scented period care items contain chemicals that …

Are Scented Tampons Bad for You? - Public Goods Blog

Jul 07, 2020·Scented tampon side effects can include itching and irritation or a burning sensation, and using scented products can increase your risk of yeast infections and …

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Why You Should Never Use Scented Tampons - Dangers …

May 10, 2016·"When you put scented things in your vagina, you kill the good bacteria that's in there and then the bad bacteria overgrows," warns OBGYN …

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How Dangerous are Scented Tampons? - Blume

Furthermore, all scented tampons are made of rayon, which is known to be even more drying than other materials. Scented Tampons Use Too Many Ingredients When answering the question "are scented tampons bad for you," consider the ingredients used in them. Even traditional ones aren't very clear about the ingredients that are used in them.

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